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Welcome to Ninth Wave Developer Portal

Enable Open Finance at any financial institution, connect fintech apps to any financial data provider.

Open Finance Solutions for Financial Institutions

Ninth Wave enables Financial Institutions to securely share customer's financial data with third-party fintech applications.

Securely Share Financial Data with TPPs

Utilize Open Finance APIs for financial institutions. Get rid of screen scraping. Comply with open standards like FDX. Enable customers to authorize data access.

Integrate Fintech Apps with Ease

Enable customers to share data with Fintech apps for personal financial or wealth management, payments, and more. Integrate through a single point of access.

Easy Integration for Fintech Apps and Intermediaries

Embed financial services into your fintech app through industry standard APIs for 3rd party consumption.

Connect to Financial Institutions

Securely access and utilize your customers' financial data. Aggregate accounts. Verify accounts or their owners. Initiate payments.

Embed a dedicated widget component enabling your users to connect their accounts.

Enhance your business with:

  • Account / Owner Verification
  • Payments
  • Extended Transaction History
  • Balance Checks
  • And more...

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Integrating Fintech Apps for Financial Data: Quickstart

Learn how to onboard fintech applications, add a widget enabling users to connect their accounts, and more.

Ninth Wave Overview

Learn more about the Ninth Wave platform: what we are and what we do. Familiarize yourself with the underlying use cases.

OAuth Authorization Code Flow

Understand how regular web apps can utilize OAuth authorization code flow to enable secure access to user's resources without exposing sensitive credentials.